Elkhart Radio 104.9’s JJ Penn’s Interview with Tristan Morrow of Shadows of Morrow


Rather than just posting ordinary character profiles, I am going to do something a bit different. It gives me a chance to stretch my creative muscles and allows you, the reader, to learn more about the characters and life in Elkhart in general. This will be a weekly feature. Every Thursday, I will feature a new character being interviewed by the obnoxious but energetic radio host JJ Penn from Elkhart Radio 104.9.

JJ: Hey Folks! This is JJ Penn with Elkhart Radio 104.9 and we are on location in Fox Hollow with the feisty protagonist of the mystery novel Shadows of Morrow, Tristan Morrow. We’re going to see if she’s willing to answer some of our burning questions.

JJ- Tristan! How’s it going?

Tristan: Who are you and how did you get in here?

JJ- I’m JJ Penn with Elkhart Radio 104.9 and we are live on the air!

Tristan: You’ve got to be kidding me.

JJ- I’m definitely not, so how are you doing today?

Tristan: Pretty good. Just trying to finish up this assignment before Kendricks fails me.

JJ: You’re a smart girl, I’m sure you’ll pull it off.

Tristan: You don’t know my English teacher.

An interruption from the background jars the microphone as a group of boys stampede in the room.

Tommy: Tristan! Aren’t you done yet?

Blake: Come on! I want my bedroom back!

Shane (looking at JJ): Who the hell are you?! (Shane glances at his cousins Tommy and Blake) Who is that?!

JJ: (Clears throat) I’m JJ Penn from Elkhart Radio 104.9, and you might be?

Shane: Err… Shane Fitzpatrick. Tristan’s cousin.

The three boys eye JJ and Tristan suspiciously.

Tommy: We’ll be back later…

JJ returns his focus to Tristan, as he readjusts the microphone on the table.

JJ- Brothers?

Tristan- The dark haired boys are… the loud ginger is my cousin.

JJ- So Tristan, readers want to know what makes you tick. Would you mind answering a few questions?

Tristan- Sure, I guess so. I really need to get back to this assignment though.

JJ- Great. Okay. First up, what is your full name?

Tristan- Tristan Elizabeth Morrow

JJ- See? That was pretty painless. Are you the youngest in your family?

Tristan- Yes the youngest of six kids in this house… and the only girl.

JJ- Does that annoy you? Being surrounded by brothers?

Tristan- We’re pretty close, actually. Yeah, they get on my nerves, but it would be lonely without them… and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly the lace and frills kind of girl…

JJ- What are three of your biggest downfalls?

I’m stubborn…. I’ve got a temper… and I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

JJ- One of them, huh? What’s it like living up here in No Man’s Land?

Tristan- No man’s land? This is Morrow land. It’s nice and quiet. Just how I like it. I’m surprised you drove all the way up here just to ask me some questions.

JJ- Cavegat Pass is no joke, that is for sure. Okay, let’s dig a little deeper. What do you want to do after high school?

Tristan- Go to college. I’d like to be a veterinarian.

JJ- Very nice, okay next question. What are three of your biggest pet peeves?

Tristan- Hmm…. Not having enough personal space. Unannounced visitors. Secrets.

JJ- You don’t like secrets?

Tristan- No. I want to know the whole truth… not just what you think I can handle. I’m a big girl.

JJ- Name three of your biggest dreams that you hope to accomplish.

Tristan- I don’t have dreams. I have goals that I will achieve. I plan to graduate from Steeplechase a year early with a GPA of 3.8 or better. I plan to attend Bloomsburg University then Bucknell. Then I’d like to open a practice in Elkhart.

JJ- Would you offer your Dad a discount to care for his animals?

Tristan- Our animals, you mean? And I would treat them free of charge.

JJ- That’s very generous of you. You must really like animals.

Tristan- It’s something that I am passionate about.

JJ- Okay, next- Name one of your biggest fears?

Tristan- I don’t know what I’d do if something were to ever happen to one of my family members… That haunts my dreams at night.

JJ- Okay. Last question. Do you know what the author, A.C. Haury has in store for you?

Tristan- That girl’s got secrets and she’s not telling me anything!

JJ- Thanks for your time today Tristan. Okay folks, that’s all for today. Next time, we will be sitting down with Tristan’s father Jack Morrow to see what makes him tick. From what I hear in town, he’s not the kind of guy you want to get on the wrong side of. Hopefully I don’t piss him off! Til next time. JJ Out!


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